Orange Family Dental Teeth Whitening in Orange, TX

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Everyone wants to have a healthy mouth and white teeth are a sign of good oral hygiene. At Orange Family Dental, we have the Zoom! Advanced Power System, a special technique that has been tested and proved to whiten teeth. All people are considered and we offer the procedure both in the office and a take-home option. Regardless of which method you will choose, you are a step ahead in getting white teeth.

  • Zoom!, unlike many other teeth whiteners found in the market, will give you instant results. Just one visit to our office will be enough to brighten your smile. This procedure is so effective that it whitens even the spaces between teeth. Don’t worry about the procedure because we will take you through every step. Usually, we first protect your gum and lip area before proceeding with the procedure.
  • A professional will then work on your properly exposed teeth. The powerful Zoom! Which is in a gel form is then put both in front and behind your teeth surfaces. This is to ensure that you get all stains removed.
  • The process is then repeated thrice in the same day with a total of 45 minutes spent on your teeth. Sometimes we recommend that you carry home whitening trays so that your teeth remain white for longer periods. We also caution against foods and drinks and substances like tobacco that may cause the problem to recur.
  • You can take at-home Zoom! formulations to use later or for sustained results. have Orange Family Dental gives the right teeth whitening that will surely work for your teeth. Our at-home preparations are such that you won’t have to deal with much irritation because you get a customized product. With us, you get a tailor-made teeth whitener that will effectively help deal with the common problem of tooth sensitivity.

Orange Family Dental is the best place for you to get more than teeth whitening in one visit. You will also get recommendations if you are unsatisfied with the way your teeth look since we cover your cosmetic dentistry needs.

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